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Outlander Fan Documentary FAQs


What is the Outlander Fan Documentary about?

The documentary is about us, you, the fans. All of us. It's about how this story, the story of Outlander has reached so many corners of our lives. It has emotionally changed us. It helped us through difficult situations and been there for us during times of heartache and illness. It has given us inner strength. It has inspired us to achieve personal goals. It is in our hearts and in our heads as we start on transformational journeys. It's about the connections that we have made with individuals throughout the whole world. It is the life-long and one-of-a-kind friendships that have been forged. All of this is because of one woman (Diana Gabaldon) who decided to write a novel. She gave us these strong, loyal, brave, complex, lovable, and sometimes not-so-lovable characters. Then the story turned into a TV series, and the story came to life before our eyes. Finally, we have the beyond-talented actors who play these characters. Many of us are inspired daily through their kindness, charity work, entrepreneurship, and their genuine personalities. All of this magic is mixed up all together and it has caused a ripple effect. This ripple effect is the Outlander Fan Documentary. Join us to be a part of this worldwide celebration of our incredible fandom.

Why are you making this documentary?

The documentary is "A love letter for the fans, cast & crew of Outlander." It is about the fans of Outlander. Dedicated to those suffering from illness, tragedy, and life challenges, their loved ones, and caregivers. The Outlander Fan Documentary project was created by Cynthia Dawn. Her husband, Keith, a fellow Outlander fan, passed away in 2017 from cancer. The love and support of the Outlander fan community is part of what helped Cynthia during some of her darkest moments of grief. Through this experience, she met other fans who also found comfort and support this way. Their stories are remarkable, heartwarming, and uplifting. Telling other's stories became an important part of Cynthia's story, too. For many, this fandom has a way of connecting, inspiring, and comforting. The documentary is going to showcase and follow these remarkable heartwarming fan stories, to lift them up, to bring more people together, and highlight some of the truly good people in the world of the Outlander Fandom.

Who or what is "Our Hero Scot?"

Our Hero Scot is the name of the Production Company creating the Outlander Fan Documentary. Cynthia Dawn created a life-size replica of James Fraser several years ago and named it "Our Hero Scot." At the time, it was a symbol of the hero and champion her husband was for her. Our Hero Scot was her symbol of Love, Honor, Respect, Courage, Loyalty, and Compassion. Since then, it has attended some events in good fun, and still occasionally makes appearances.

Who is Wee Jamie?

Wee Jamie is not part of Outlander Fan Documentary. However, the documentary's Facebook and Instagram accounts have shared some of the content from this series. Wee Jamie is a handmade doll in the likeness of Jamie Fraser from the Outlander television series. It was created originally by Cynthia Dawn on her "Cynthia Dawn Artist" Facebook page. Since then, Wee Jamie is joined by other "wee" cast members, and has quite a following. You can follow their "Misadventures" on the Cynthia Dawn Artist Facebook page. Click here >

Is the TV show cast a part of this project?

Many of the cast members and producers are aware of this project. However, this project is about the fans.

How can I get involved?

We would love to have you on board! There are several ways to participate in the Outlander Fan Documentary project.

  • Join us on social media and like and comment on our content. Cheer us on! We love hearing from you. The way social media algorithms work, the more likes and comments, the more people see our content.

  • Share our social media content.

  • Donate to our cause. Click here >

  • Do you have film production experience? We'd like to hear from you. Please send us an email to and let us know.

  • Share, share, share!

  • Let us know about events in your area. We are always looking for boots on the ground influencers to help us get the word out.

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